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What’s Included?

Student Programme

Beginners Guide to TA ebook
Smart money concepts
Market maker manipulation
Advanced technical analysis
Reverse price action
Trading psychology
Multi time frame analysis
Risk management and probabilities
3 main aspects of the market
  • Supply
  • Demand
  • Liquidity
Daily market breakdown video
Daily Q and A video
Intra day Crypto signals
Intra day Forex signals
2 VIP signal groups
Long term investment portfolio
How to compound your account
High probability rule based strats
  • Harmonic
  • ICC
  • MMM
Guidance and assistance 24/7
Hours of live backtesting sessions
Master risk/reward
Option for automated trade copier app

Also Included

Monthly Membership

Assistance setting up trading accounts

Risk management strategy

Daily trade signals in FX and Crypto markets using proven profitable rule based strategies.

Option for automated trading app
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SDL Gold Member

One off payment of £400

  • Lifetime access to the student zone
  • Monthly access to the vip signal groups
  • Direct 1-1 access with myself on telegram for full mentorship

£50 per month to access the signal groups and my 1-1 mentorship

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